Project Description

The JRL Talk solution is a multilingual mobile application that lets the company’s representative leap over language barriers in a matter of seconds, ensuring clear and productive conversations. Jaguar Land Rover is the #1 car manufacturer in the UK, having produced 490,000 cars in 2015. From 2010 to 2015, the company doubled its sales, tripled turnover, and now employs over 36,000 people. Renowned for “precision engineering,” JRL body shops are referred to as “aircraft technology for cars.”


Jaguar Land Rover commissioned Intellectsoft to develop an effortless way of advancing communication for the company’s representatives from different language groups.


Intellectsoft created a multi-language iPad app with an intuitive interface that covers all of the company’s communication needs. The users can perform conference calls with up to 5 simultaneous conferences, with each participant communicating freely in their native tongue. The application supports 16 languages and allows a speech-to-text conference call translator to receive voice or text in one language and translate into another on the fly.


JRL Talk application helped the company’s representatives of different language groups communicate quickly and effortlessly anywhere in the world. With the app, they can quickly discuss urgent matters without retracting to emails, translator services, and other more time-consuming means. JRL Talk successfully became a one stop app for all company’s communication needs, gradually streamlining JRL’s many operations on a day to day basis.