Project Description

The hospitality management services provider streamlined their food service management with a comprehensive web portal for their company’s chefs that improves operations and further strengthens the company’s reputation. Established in 1917, Guest Services, Inc. provides hospitality management services across the United States, from dining facilities and resorts — to national parks and senior living facilities. The company serves over 35 million guests annually at approximately 250 facilities across the country.


Guest Services needed a web-based program for its many chefs across the US to manage the creation of recipes, nutrition labels, and menus on a standard platform. The solution needed to be universal to all the restaurants and locations that Guest Services manages.


Intellectsoft developed a multi-functional web portal that allows chefs to create comprehensive recipes and labels with nutrition facts and lists of allergens in a matter of minutes. Chefs can also create, assign, and quickly print weekly menus. The web portal is connected to a large ingredient database that enables chefs to create and manage world cuisines.


Intellectsoft’s solution enabled Guest Services to streamline their recipe and menu creation process across the company. The new software has greatly increased company chefs’ ability to quickly and efficiently create new recipes and menus. The ability to retrieve and scale company recipes and create weekly menus has enabled the chefs meet strict client deadlines while ensuring quality results.