The Clevry platform takes on the main issues around virtual recruitment; it helps recruiters see the whole person behind an application and measures their soft skills and traits, not just the hard skills on their CV. At the same time it helps candidates develop these skills and facilitates online assessment and communication between all parties. At the heart of Clevry’s mission, is a desire to help candidates really understand their own soft skills and to facilitate matching each person’s unique mix of skills with the perfect job opportunities. The self-service candidate web app that we have created for Clevry, includes the following: Gamified Interaction and Personal Development Tools – Candidates are engaged across the platform to take part in quizzes and assessments and to continually stretch their development. They can record their Joy at Work levels and review an assessment of their strengths, take Personality Questionnaires and Personality and Ability Soft Skills tests, verbal and numerical tests, as well as review reports on their team strengths, sales strengths and leadership strengths. Access to Opportunities – A searchable job board allows candidates to find and filter appropriate job opportunities, based on things such as job type, sector, salary and location. Applications can be completed swiftly online, with candidates completing fields and uploading relevant documents, they can also save information for their next application, to avoid duplication of effort. Online Assessments and Virtual Interviewing – Once a candidate application has been reviewed and accepted they can then work their way through the assessment process online. This process will have been defined by the recruiter and may include multiple assessment types, as well as virtual discussions and interviews; all of which can be completed without leaving the platform, and each stage becomes automatically available to the candidate if they pass the previous one. Dashboard Summaries and Highlighting Next Steps – Dashboards are displayed to candidates on log-in, which provide a summary of where they are with live applications, as well as calls to action to complete additional developmental work. Candidates are notified here of any actions required by them, such as to complete the next assessment in a recruitment process. Account Management and Application History – Candidates can keep their general information and profile up to date, including information that can be used to automatically populate applications. They can also keep a track of all in-progress and historical applications, as well as withdraw an application, so they always know where they are in their recruitment journey.