Cadbury Dairy Milk is one of the most popular milk chocolates World-wide. Introduced in 1905, it has been the best-selling chocolate over the years. In India it covers 70 percent of the market share. With such a huge population accepting it, Cadbury is a signature of branding and culture.The motto of this paper is to demonstrate how branding and culture together crowns the success of Cadbury. The study would delve into the functional benefits, brand image of Cadbury Dairy Milk and culture behind its consumption. Based on a primary survey, it suggests the brand image of Cadbury Dairy milk and the paradigm shift in the cultural change with regards to the consumption of this chocolate. It would also examine the elements of brand loyalty, taste, relevance of a brand ambassador, consumption habits and in general consumer behavior. Background/Objectives: Cadbury Dairy Milk has maintained its position as a dominant player in the Indian market since almost century. How has CDM modified its strategies over time to retain its position? What are the factors that has significantly affected the brand loyalty? Also what is the importance of Indian culture in building CDM’s brand image? Methodology: To answer these questions, an exploratory research was conducted by circulating a questionnaire among the students of a reputed management institution. To justify the study, the responses in the questionnaire like “Do you purchase CDM because it tastes good?” were converted into relevant dummy variables and an OLS model was built to find the relationship with brand loyalty. In the proposed model brand loyalty is the dependent variable and taste preference, gender opinion, price, etc. are independent variables. A relationship among the variables will rightly explain the effect of the brand image. To find an answer to the effect of culture on brand image, a descriptive study is conducted, with their preference to buy CDM. For a clear understanding, a Venn diagram is created in the later part of the paper. The findings show that taste is proved to be most relevant in consuming CDM in comparison to other variables like price elasticity, gender response and affinity towards dark chocolate. Taste is undoubtedly, the success factor of CDM and it is reflected again and again in various parts of the analysis. The other part of the analysis spoke about relevance of culture in CDM branding strategy. A good number of the sample uses CDM as a form of gift in different occasions (festive or celebrations).